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GoPro or Go HomeGoPro’s are all the rage these days, and the motorcycle world is no exception—and for good reason too. You can get some great shots and video with this little device. It’s a great tool, but it’s not perfect yet. When I go out for a ride, I usually set the camera in either two or ten second burst mode and see what happens. You see, most of the time, for me, the photos are garbage, the camera was either pointing too far up or too far down, or my head was turned. If I can get a photo centered, then I have to hope that it’s properly exposed. Is the photo blurry?  I won’t know until I get home and upload the photos to my computer. Basically, all the stars need to align to get a good shot with a GoPro, but when it works, you have something really special. Is it worth it to scan through 1,000 photos to find that perfect one? I think it is. To me a photo is priceless and that’s why I do this blog, so I can talk about the photos and what it took to get them. Nothing can jog my memory more than a photo, and what better memories to stir up than ones of you actually out there riding from your own vantage point? Those are the feelings that you want to remember, those are the moments to capture. Not the typical shot of you standing with your bike next to a road sign.

This photo was shot in Namibia during my “25,000 miles with Luke and Nick” ( trip. When I look at this shot, I remember the hours of fast, flat, dusty riding, the joy of playing cat and mouse with Nick on the road, and passing each other with the biggest grins on our faces. No traffic at all. On the day this photo was taken we were extra happy to have been successful with our first African border crossing with the bikes. Eventually it started getting dark and we noticed some big deer showing up. We had to get off the road soon and slow down our pace. As we set up camp we saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. Talk of our ride was the conversation over our dinner of bangers, potatoes, and onions, which was quickly becoming a staple meal for us in Africa. The best part of it was that we got to wake up in the morning and do it all over again; no, the best part is that I have this photo to help me remember this exact day deep into my years.

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