Cardo Community: A New Social Network

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Cardo CommunityWhen you purchase a Scala Rider G9 Bluetooth communicator from Cardo Systems, you not only get a great Bluetooth system, you also gain access to an online social network for motorcyclists; the Cardo Community. Like other social networks, you set up your profile with your name (or nickname), password, and whatever personal info you care to share. You can then make friends, organize group rides or tours, and connect with fellow motorcyclists. This web-based tool is also used to customize and update your Scala Rider communicator and pre-pair it with up to eight of your Cardo Community friends. Cardo’s CEO, Abraham Glezerman states, “With the launch of the Cardo Community we are encouraging our motorcyclist users to build a thriving social network of other enthusiasts…motorcycling has always been its own community, and we are looking to expand this sense of belonging to the virtual world, while encouraging real-world friendships and connections.”

Look for a review of the Scala Rider G9 in the March/April 2013 issue of RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel magazine.

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