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ParkingIn 2010, four of us had the silly idea of taking a motorcycle ride in Mexico. Now riding bikes in Mexico is not silly at all, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I am all about riding south of the border and have no qualms about the safety aspect or anything else. I would go there tomorrow no problem, but only if I had enough time on my hands, and on this trip, time was a scarce commodity.

For the first time in our lives everyone in our little group had motorcycles. Timmer and Grant were on Honda Shadow 750s, Nick was on his brand new BMW F 800 GS, and I had my trusty Husqvarna TE610. The 16-foot flatbed trailer with the mish mash of bikes probably drew a few funny glances while driving the 30 hours from Michigan to the border town of McAllen, TX. By the time the drive was over our trip was already nearing an end. Not really, but this was going to be a short trip. You know how hard it is to get time off work and schedule things together as a group? Well, this trip was no exception as we only had five days to pull this off, and we had just burnt through 30 hours on the drive down. With another 30 hours to get back home, we were left with a two night, three day Mexico ride. Some would call this plan silly, but at least we were together and we would get to ride our motorcycles in January.

Where was I going with this story? Oh yeah, parking. So we left the truck and trailer at the hotel in Texas and quickly entered Mexico on our bikes, racing south to see how far we could get in a day. We all had huge smiles on our faces and were really enjoying the warm weather and lack of Michigan snow. It got dark sooner than we wished, and now it was time to find a hotel. On a normal trip, one would have been looking for a hotel much earlier in the day so as to have some options to choose from, but since we were on an express vacation, we didn’t have much time to shop around and ended up in a town with hotels that didn’t have secure parking. Many hotels in Mexico are built around a secured courtyard where you can store your bike for the night, keeping it off the streets. This town had nothing like that.

The main hotel downtown was where we started. We negotiated a fair price for a room, and then started talking bikes. This was where I really saw a huge difference between Mexico and America. In America we tend to be strict and not willing to bend rules, and at times it seems like employees don’t care if they make a sale or not. This is definitely not the case in Mexico as this hotel worker was more than happy to help us out and had no problem with us storing our motorcycles inside the hotel for the night. He didn’t want to lose us as customers. He was happy for us to stay even though we were dirty, stinky, and caused a big scene by manhandling our bikes up the stairs, through the lobby, and down the hall.

This was our first night in Mexico and we had already ended it with a bang, which was good, because we only had one more night there before we had to make the 30-hour drive back home. Silly idea? Maybe. But a trip that we will never forget? Absolutely!

Check out the video clip of our hotel parking experience!

Hotel from luke Swab on Vimeo.

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