2013 Zero Motorcycles

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2013 Zeromotorcycles 1For those looking forward to the day when it’s possible to go for a long distance ride free from dependence on fossil fuels, Zero Motorcycle’s 2013 model lineup brings that dream one step closer to reality. Electric motorcycles (and cars too, for that matter) are great for commuting or riding short distances, but if serious touring is on your agenda, short range and long charging times make battery power pretty impractical. However, with a range of over 130 miles and a recharge time (to 95 percent) of about an hour, Zero’s new models make electron fueled long distance riding seem tantalizingly within reach.

The 2013 lineup features five distinct motorcycles. The Zero S and Zero XU are made for the street, the Zero X and MX are dirt bikes, and the Zero DS is a dual sport. Each model is available with different battery capacities. Prices range from $7,995 for the Zero XU with the lowest capacity battery, to $15,995 for the Zero S with the highest. The 2013s should be arriving in dealerships this month.

This new generation of electric motorcycles points to the, perhaps, not too distant future of two-wheeled travel. As the nationwide network of CHAdeMO charging stations expands, battery capacities increase, and electric motors become smaller, lighter, and more powerful, a gasoline free future is beginning to look not only more probable, but more palatable as well.

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