Spark Artu’ Balaclava

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Made in Italy and distributed in the U.S. by Advanced Motorcycle Gear, the Spark clothing company produces a variety of high-end motorcycle clothing and accessories. One of these is the Artu’ Balaclava. The business part of the Artu’ (the area covering the chin and neck) is made from Spark’s trademark “Windless” material, and the fabric certainly lives up to its name as it does an admirable job of keeping the wind out. This section of the balaclava is backed with soft fleece, which makes it quite comfortable and inviting. Stretch panels on either side of the neck facilitate easy donning and doffing and allow for the accommodation of a wide variety of head sizes, which is good since the Artu’ only comes in small or large. A thin, stretchy fabric covers the top of the head and a small mesh insert over the mouth is said to prevent visor fogging. These various fabric panels are held together with flat, durable stiches, which certainly look like they’ll have no trouble standing up to years of use.

I took the Artu’ out for a ride on a mild, November day and found the balaclava to be remarkably warm (even a little too warm for this particular day). The front of the garment fit snugly underneath the collar of my jacket sealing out the wind, however, for some reason I had a hard time keeping the back of the balaclava tucked in, which made for a somewhat comical looking tiny cape sticking out from underneath the back of my helmet. Maybe the Artu’s back section is too short, my jacket collar too loose, or some combination thereof, fortunately this had no effect on warmth.

Spark claims the Artu’ is good for temperatures ranging from 14-68 degrees Fahrenheit, and I believe them (though 14 degrees is pretty chilly). This balaclava is warm, well made, and comfortable—exactly what it should be.

Price: $45
Color: black
Sizes: small and large

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