Icon Patrol Waterproof Jacket and Overpants

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icon-patrol-openerHLiving in the North-East means that every riding day has to be cherished as the riding season is shortened by the cold temperatures from mid fall to late spring. The daring are willing to take on the frigid weather in order to elongate the riding season by another few weekends. For many of us, the leaves started turning into fiery, bright colors too soon yet again and thoughts of putting up the bike for winter have crossed our minds. I don’t want to give up without a fight, and this year only snow will stop me from enjoying a ride through the curvy mountain roads. My secret weapon—the Icon Patrol jacket and pants.

Icon Patrol Waterproof Jacket

The insulation in this jacket is clearly targeted for motorcycle touring enthusiasts and commuters riding in the cooler months. During my first ride (in below 50 degree temps without wind protection), I almost got too warm wearing a T-shirt and thermal underneath. I perfectly tuned the jacket’s climate by opening some of its 12 vents (two small upper chest, two main frontal intakes, armpits with dual zippers, one on the right sleeve, two on the left, and three lower back).

One of the features I like most on the Icon Patrol is the magnetic flap that covers the front zipper. It adds an extra level of wind and water protection, and shaves off a few seconds of my time when getting dressed. The jacket also comes with a detachable hood, which is probably useful when walking in the rain, but overall seems more like a style accent.

In true dual sport fashion, the jacket also includes a removable pouch for a 1.5 liter hydration system. I got creative and instead used it to carry an extra T-shirt and a backup paper map.

The CE-approved elbow and shoulder armor, which is flexible and does not restrict arm movement, can also be detached. The adjustment straps on the forearm and around the biceps are helpful to keep the elbow protector in place. The Icon Patrol comes with a replaceable back pad, though it is not labeled as a CE-approved protector.

One day when pulling my wallet out of the interior chest pocket, I found a quite peculiar good luck charm dangling inside. Icon outfitted the jacket with a thumbprint sized St. Christopher medallion that is supposed to grant an extra level of protection for travelers.

The quilted, removable liner is attached with seven push-buttons and two zippers and has an additional back panel for extra insulation. It also has a raised fleece collar, which makes the jacket comfortable to wear as it keeps the neck warm. The outer shell collar is also lined with fleece in case the liner is removed.

Fortunately, I haven’t had to test the jacket’s water protection, though it looks like it will hold up well in moderate rain. The fabric itself is claimed to be waterproof. Zippers have a water repellent rubber layer and are also covered by fabric flaps. The gaiter around the waist should prevent water from penetrating into the jacket from the bottom up.
Overall, I’m very satisfied that the Icon Patrol provides exactly what I need: warmth, comfort, and protection.

Sizes: Small to 4XL
Colors: Black, Grey, Red, Hi-Viz
Price: $400-$420


Icon Patrol Waterproof Overpants

The matching waterproof Patrol pants are meant to be worn over something and do not include a removable liner. Though the high waist is narrow and can be adjusted with two straps, the legs are wider to accommodate a pair of jeans or sweat pants. The full length zippers on the sides make taking the pants off a breeze, and the water repellent flap that covers the zippers is held in place by magnets rather than a set of pesky push-buttons. Compared to many full-body commuter suits, changing into or out of it is not a struggle.

I haven’t worn suspenders since kindergarten when my skinny waist couldn’t hold up my pants, so the removable suspenders on the Patrol pants reminded me of pedaling my BMX bike through the mud instead of the gasoline-powered dual sport I have today. Both the memories and the suspenders put a huge smile on my face.

The suspenders keep the pants in place whether you’re sitting or standing on the bike and actually add to the wearing comfort as there is no need for a tight waistband.

Four large pockets on the front and two on the back provide enough storage for my doodads and allow me to ditch my tankbag.

The pants include CE-approved armor for the hips and knees. There are three overlapping interior pockets with different depths so the knee protectors can be positioned for the best fit. As for the hip protectors on each side, I felt they were rather small.

Sizes: S-3XL
Colors: black, Hi-Viz
Price: $300-$320


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