One Up, Two Up?

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First let it herein be established…I am a “Lone Wolf.” When it comes to riding I don’t want a passenger, and I don’t want to be one. I come by this prejudice honestly—years ago I was the passenger on a friend’s 305 Honda when he rear-ended a car at a stop sign. Nobody was actually hurt, except the bike, which had a bent fork, my friend ended up seated on the speedometer, I ended up with the better seat; on the gas tank! Again nobody hurt, the car didn’t even have a scratch, but it was the last time I gave up control of my motorcycling destiny to another carbon based life form.

Further more, I find that having a passenger behind me freaks me out, especially if they’re a rookie who wants to lean with (or against) me. I also do not savor the death grip around my waist. Now maybe this comes from too many years of riding small bore bikes with short seats, but I don’t think so, as I have spent just as much time with big twins, and still don’t care for riding two-up. I am sure that at the core of my feelings is my fear of being responsible for someone else’s life and limb. But I also feel “unbalanced” with a passenger, and completely tensed up. The weird thing though, is that on a trike, I am not that freaked out. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t “enjoy it,” it’s just that it’s more, well, manageable, that’s all.

I do believe that because of my high level of discomfort with passengers it’s probably best that I avoid them. If I didn’t, I could be just an accident waiting to happen. As I think about it, this also plays into my dislike for riding in large groups; here too I am worried not only about the actions, or reactions, of the other riders, but also of my own liability to the group as a whole. I guess what it comes down to is that there are just some of us who are better off running solo, like me. Ride on.

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A Wisconsin farm boy, I learned how to ride a cow, before a horse and way before a motorcycle. I first started riding on my 16th birthday and I took my first real ride at my party: I pulled a wheelie and dug a trench in the lawn, which sent the bike in one direction and me in another. I was irrevocably hooked!