Givi Gold Series T441 Rucksack

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Motorcycle specific backpacks generally don’t differ all that much from their more generic brethren and the few distinguishing features usually aren’t worth the price premium. The T441 rucksack from Givi, however, does have one motorcycle specific feature that sets it apart from the rest; a pull out mesh helmet bag. With most backpacks, the most you can hope for is to be able to fit your helmet inside and zip it up without too much pushing and shoving. The problem, of course, is that with a helmet inside you don’t have room for anything else. Givi’s T441 solves this problem with its pull out helmet bag, which allows you to quickly stow your lid without taking up any room in the pack itself. When not in use, the net retreats to a discreet, dedicated pocket on the underside of the bag. Though by no means a large pack, the T441 has an impressive 28 liters of storage, which is expandable to 34 liters via a zippered expansion joint. A single large pocket dominates the inside of the pack with a (somewhat flimsy) divider in the back for a laptop. There are a number of small pockets on the outside of the bag including a water bottle holder on each side, a fairly large secondary pocket on the back with dividers for pens, keys, and other small objects, and a small zippered compartment on top which seems well suited for a cell phone, wallet, or MP3 player. The bag is constructed primarily of polyester with a plastic faux carbon fiber material on the back, which gives it a sleek modern look. The T441 is quite light when empty and seems to be form fitted to your back making it one of the most comfortable back packs I’ve ever used. Overall quality is high with large metal zipper pulls, padded straps and back, and thick materials. In case you get caught in the rain, the rucksack also comes with a rain cover, though I’d still be nervous exposing it to a downpour with a laptop or camera inside. With a street price of around $100, Givi’s T441 rucksack offers some genuinely useful motorcycle specific features without breaking the bank.

Dimensions: 15.4” H x 8.1- 9.8” D x 13.8” W
Color: black
Size: 28-34 liters


Note: The RoadRUNNER logo in the photos was an add-on and does not come on the original bag.

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