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Just before Tropical Supermegastorm Sandy crashed into New Jersey, the annual PhotoPLUS expo was held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. All the big players—Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc.—come to this event to show off their latest and greatest wares to photographers and photo enthusiasts. It’s a big event, as big as the IMS motorcycle shows according to my aching feet. Associate Publisher Ken Engelman and I walked the aisles in search of camera gear especially suited for motorcycle travel.

We went to the major camera makers and asked them to show us cameras that were small, tough, and with features that motorcyclists in particular would like. Their responses ran the gamut from small, tough point and shoots to larger rugged DSLRs. With video camera rolling, they showed us cameras that we’d want to throw into our tankbags, panniers, and backpacks.

One of the big trends this year is towards connected cameras. From automatic GPS geotagging of photos to Wi-Fi and remote control of cameras using smartphones, today’s cameras are making it easier to get the shot on the road, note when and where it was taken, and to share photos with friends and family online. It truly is a connected world.

It’s also great to see that imaging performance continues to improve with higher quality pictures coming out of ever-smaller cameras. Most cameras these days are capable of taking great photos in good light, which just happens to be when we do most of our riding. It’s only when the lights are dim (evenings, indoors, dawn and dusk, etc.) when the smaller budget cameras start to fall behind their more expensive, larger brethren.

Watch this space over the next several blog posts as we share what we learned.

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