E-Z Touring’s Traveler Motorcycle Cover

Sep 04, 2012 View Comments by

The first thing you’ll notice about E-Z Touring’s Traveler half-cover is how small it is. When packed inside its included travel pouch, the entire cover, capable of covering the top half of even the largest touring bikes, becomes a little ball about the size of a bunch of bananas. This makes it perfect for traveling, hence its namesake. A small, strategically placed E-Z Touring tag allows you to quickly figure out which end goes over the front of the bike, an invaluable feature for anyone who’s ever spent a frustrating twenty minutes wrestling with another cover trying to figure out what goes where. After you’ve secured the cover over the headlight, handlebars, and mirrors, simply pull it over the back of the bike and secure it with the attached bungee hooks and you’re done. All E-Z Touring covers are hand made in the U.S.A out of 1.9 oz. Ripstop nylon and are waterproof, UV proof, and fire retardant.  The Traveler comes in four sizes to fit virtually any two-wheeled application. With its small size and great functionality, the E-Z Touring Traveler is a great solution for protecting your bike while on the road. For more information visit www.eztouring.com.

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