Motomarathon Touring Events

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Founded in 2009, the Motomarathon Association organizes their specific brand of motorcycle tours all across the country. It works like this, sign up and pay the $50 registration fee ahead of time, then, show up to the starting point at the designated time. You will then be given a unique badge and a list of checkpoints. From there, you’re on your own. The goal is to take pictures of your badge at as many checkpoints as possible over the course of the weekend. However, it is not a race, and the checkpoints are few and far between. The point is to enjoy some of America’s most beautiful, twisty, and challenging roads at each rider’s own pace. This should come quite easily as the routes are planned to avoid interstates and populated areas in favor of technical, mountain roads with gorgeous views and little traffic. There are even the occasional (and optional) dirt roads thrown in for the adventure crowd.

For their upcoming Empire State Marathon (Sept. 13-16), Motomarathon has made it even easier for riders from all over to participate by offering two different starting locations at opposite ends of New York State. Riders from both locations will have the opportunity to tag the same number of checkpoints across the state. At the end of the four-day tour, each rider must turn in their tags to be verified by judges. The tallies are then posted on Motomarathon’s website and listed as event, year, region, and lifetime totals for each participant. The Motomarathon Association takes a minimalistic approach to motorcycle touring, participants are given little structure, and the simple goal of enjoying the ride. There are no designated hotels, guides, or places to eat, only where to start, where to end, and a few places to see in between.

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