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Contour ROAM Video Samples

Aug 14, 2012 View Comments by

I recently took the Contour ROAM to the beautiful American desert Southwest and Rocky Mountains. I like the easy mounting and the simple controls. Starting a video is as easy as sliding the record switch. In good light and with solid support the picture quality is quite nice. Here are some samples from the Lake Meade National Recreational Area in Arizona:

Note that videos on YouTube, even in HD mode, are not as sharp as the originals. Not only that, but they are higher contrast; on the original video you can see subtle contours and shapes on the dash and marks on the cruise control buttons below the right handgrip. On YouTube, you can’t. And if the colors may look a bit washed out, it’s because they are. The near-midday desert sun bleached nearly all the blue out of the sky and the desert landscape was sandstone and brown, and more, and more. In any case, enjoy the videos. ‘Twas an epic trip for sure…


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