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Sometimes Photos Aren’t Enough

Jul 25, 2012 View Comments by

Sometimes you stumble upon something special on the road, like when I was recently in Quebec and bumped into a music festival in the small town of Tadoussac. A handful of musicians were gathered on the boardwalk by the bay entertaining festival goers as the sun set. I snapped a number of photos with my Pentax K-01, and then switched to video mode to capture some of the music and energy of this special moment:

The light’s fading fast and the light is low, so the resulting video is kind of grainy. That’s ok though, it kind of adds to the charm. Stability is extra important when shooting video; we’ve all seen our share of shakey camera work. Thankfully the K-01 has Image Stabilization to help. Wider angle lenses help minimize the shaking too.

Some of these new cameras – both dSLRs and CSCs (Compact System Cameras) – shoot impressive video. A lot of photographers are starting to experiment with the moving image. If you’ve got a movie mode on your still camera, give it a try.

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