Personal Chase Vehicle from Touring Products

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There’s a new kid on the motorcycle pull-behind trailer block. Touring Products has just released the Personal Chase Vehicle (PCV) in a variety of sizes to mate with virtually any bike 500cc and up. What sets the PCV apart from other pull-behind trailers is its intended purpose. While most trailers are built simply to haul stuff, the PCV is actually designed to replace a chase vehicle (hence its name). It accomplishes this with a variety of built-in features unique in the motorcycle trailer market. The first of these is a built in gas tank with electric pump, in either five or ten-gallon sizes depending on the model, this allows the rider much greater range

and freedom from frequent fuel stops. Next is an on-board 150psi compressed air system. This allows for quick adjustments to the air-bag suspension system, fixing flat tires, drying things off, or operating a nail gun, you know, if the need arises. Lastly, the PCV carries a 12-volt power system, which can be used for jumping batteries or charging laptops and cell phones. With all these bells and whistles, the PCV costs about $5,250. Whereas the PCV has a significantly higher sticker price than most other motorcycle trailers, it comes fully loaded with all features and the color of your choice. Also, while more traditional trailers from manufacturers like Hannigan and Bushtec offer storage capacities around 9 cubic feet, the PCV  carries a Pelican case with 11.7 cubic feet on their biggest (Extra-Large Touring) model. This portable cargo box is something completely new that we have not seen in the industry before. Weighing in at 120 to 145 pounds depending on model, the PCV is lighter than most motorcycle trailers; though load capacity is also correspondingly lower. Like most other motorcycle trailers, the PCV can be painted or wrapped in vinyl graphics to match just about any bike. They’re also planning an off-road version.

The following sizes are available:

–        Cruiser Small:              5.65 cubic feet     (28.20 ” x 19.66 ” x 17.63″)
–        Cruiser Medium:         6.52 cubic feet     (30.01″ x 25.02″ x 15.00″)
–        Touring Large:             8.07 cubic feet     (42.00 ” x 22.00 ” x 15.10″)
–        Touring Extra Large:  11.72 cubic feet    (47.57″ x 24.07″ x 17.68″)

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