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A day without Craigslist is like a day without sunshine. It’s a veritable treasure hunt every time you log on, no matter what city you’re in. Just today, I found a ’69 Triumph Trident with spare parts, and it’s less than 20 miles away. Unfortunately, our state’s draconian vehicle inspection laws dictate that replacing a smog pump on my GMC Sonoma precluded a ride to Tridentopolis. In terms of “time well spent”, working on cars is on par with cleaning out the gutters.

Then not far down the List, I happened across a ’71 Kawasaki H1 500. OK, it’s a mystery that someone could marry those Easy Rider forks to a set of ape hangers that look like an inverted version of the Pringle’s Potato Chip guy’s moustache and attach it to a two-stroke triple. Hmm, maybe that explains why the bike looks like it’s never been out of the garage.

I wouldn’t be seen in public on something like that either. Even if that machine were purchased, it would require an enclosed van, a large, opaque tarp, or a quality disguise, like a large handlebar moustache, for the trip home.

But, of course, like all good trips to Walmart, Craigslist is also about the people watching. Being an unregulated entity and open to all comers, the posts on the List are often times quite unusual and entertaining.

My favorite of late, and yes, it’s verbatim, is the posting for the Thomas Mopeg, a vehicle I’m likening to a Tomos moped.

thomas mopeg complet not runing – $200
200 firm , complet not runing back rim slight bend , as es , you the mechanic did run

Im gessing Bubba nev hard no spelchix.


And then there are those ads that tell us things we didn’t know.

dirtbike for sale or trade
i have a 2006 marshin 150cc dirtbike……SAME BIKE AS HONDA CRF150F…2 weeks ago i replaced the motor …with a new motor from ebay the new motor is a 200cc LIFAN …. would trade for a nice 150cc scooter or a custom 50cc…or cash is always best 800.00

Now, maybe it’s just me, but if a “marshin 150cc dirtbike” were the “SAME BIKE AS HONDA CRF150F” then wouldn’t it be a HONDA CRF 150 F! Obviously the screaming really drives the point home. But now that it has a new 200cc LIFAN motor, does that make it: SAME BIKE AS HONDA XR200R?

I know, I’m entirely too cynical and certainly deserving of a booby prize. Here’s a fine suggestion dredged from the “Thanks for feeding our dogs while we were in Mexico, we thought of you as we walked past the hotel gift shop on our way to the airport” section.

Wooden carved motorcycle – $20
Wooden mini motorcycle, about 17 inches from front wheel to back. Very nice condition.

What a great fire, err… conversation starter.


*photos and descriptions taken from Craigslist, and used for reference only.

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