Kenda Big Block Tires

Dec 12, 2011 View Comments by

Kenda’s all-new K784 “Big Block” tires are designed specifically to meet the demands of high-powered adventure motorcycles and serious adventure riders, and they’re DOT-approved as street legal. According to the manufacturer, their aggressive tread pattern is intended for 60 percent street and 40 percent off-road riding, with large tread blocks and sturdy four-ply-rated bias-ply casings built to provide a high level of puncture resistance.

Every dual-purpose tire is a compromise, and this one is geared toward frequent off-road use. We found that off-pavement grip is impressive for street-legal tires, and they work well on rock and gravel, hard and soft dirt, and moderate sand or mud. On dry pavement, the tall knobs are a bit squirmy under aggressive cornering, brisk acceleration and hard braking. As they wear down and the rider becomes accustomed to them, this is less pronounced. If you need knobby tires for trips where you’ll spend some time off pavement, this is a good tire for you. If you ride mostly on pavement, the less aggressive Kenda K761 may be for you, as it is designed for 80 percent road and 20 percent dirt.

Big Block tires are available in three front sizes: 100/90B19, 110/80B19, 90/90B21; and four rear sizes: 150/70B17, 130/80B17, 150/70B18 and 140/80B18. Kenda does not list suggested retail prices, but the tires are competitively priced.

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