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It hardly seems possible, but  it’s been a little over a month since we returned from our 6th Annual RoadRUNNER Touring Weekend. Our staff had a great time and definitely made lasting friendships with some of this year’s participants. But don’t just take our word for it. Read more about what people had to say:


“…We wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful weekend of riding beautiful roads. You and your team work so hard in putting together the rally that we wanted to let you know how much everyone appreciates your efforts. Your choice of hotels is always great and the roads are outstanding. This was our second year of attending and can’t wait for next years rally. Thank you and your team for all the hard work.” –Bob & Sue Bonner

One of my favorite magazines, RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring n’ Travel was having a rider improvement and ride event in Staunton Va. I have long been a reader of this magazine and enjoyed the stories and information I have found there. When I saw that they were going to be fairly close, I decided to head on down to meet the staff that has held my interest for so many years. I set my alarm for 3 AM and left here at about four. I took the scenic route all the way down Skyline Dr in the dead of night. Due to construction I encountered lots of unmarked roadway with no shoulders and uneven highway. It did keep me on my toes but I found it wonderful and freeing with no traffic, other than the dozens of critters I encountered along the way. I pulled into Staunton at about 7 AM, and pulled into a parking lot to check the GPS for a location where the event was. When I went to restart my bike, The battery was dead. Panic. I took the battery out and indeed, it was totally dead and most probably had an internal short. Knowing no one in the area, I thought I would call the hotel where the event was held and request help. I knew it was a long shot, but with my limited mobility, and chronic pain, it gave me some hope. The hotel was very helpful and agreed to find someone from the event, and request assistance for me. Beyond my highest expectations, I received a call back for someone that I have never met, but highly regard, but have never had the honor of meeting, Christa Neuhauser, Founder, Publisher and Editor and Chief of the magazine.  Though in a jam, I was so uplifted just knowing to whom I was talking to. She reassured me and told me she would get me some help. Through my GPS I was able to find a Honda dealer close to my location that had a new battery. I paid for it immediately via credit card. The Magazine Team jumped into action and was now in the hands of staff members, Melanie and Jenn. They both went to the dealer, picked up the battery, located me, and stood by as I replaced the old one. I could not have asked for a cuter support team. Battery installed and bike reassembled, the bike fired immediately. We rejoiced, lol. I went to the hotel but due to the staff’s busy schedule, I did not get to meet Christa and thank for her help. Those of you that know, or know of Christa, know that she not only talks the talk, she walks the walk. I can not thank them enough… I do not know what I would have done with out the RoadRUNNER Team. And rest assured, I never ask something of another, that I would not do for myself. Ride on my friends and help your brothers and sisters of the road.“-Bob Hughes

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the rally at Staunton. It was awesome, and I hope to join you next year as well.  Congrats to the whole staff.  You asked for location suggestions for next year, so I wish to suggest you consider the following.  Take a look at SHOWSHOE or Stonewall Jackson Lodge at Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park.  Both are in West Virginia and are favoite destinations of mine.  Snowshoe sits on top of a mountain and is a ski resort that’s open year round and has a great little village feeling. They have hosted motorcycle rallys before. The lodge at Jackson Lake feels like a trip to a National Park lodge.  The riding roads in both locations are excellent – similar in many ways to the mountian day this year.  Facilities and food are great at both locations. Thanks again. More later.“-Bill Austin

It was my first touring weekend and it lived up to everything I had hoped for. We spoke several times, and to refresh your memory, I am Charlie Moret, the MSF Connecticut Rider Education Program instructor who expressed interest in leading a leisure tour group next year.  I have put a hold on my calendar for next year’s weekend.  The only caveat is that I may have an opportunity to ride Alaska and should it conflict with the touring weekend it would preclude me from attending.  I will certainly know well in advance and will be in touch. I live in the Hartford area of Connecticut.  Should any of the RoadRUNNER staff be in the area for a ride, please provide them with my contact information and I would be glad to ride with them, or provide them with a home cooked meal.  Many thanks for a great event.“-Charlie Moret

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