The Ted Simon Foundation: Promoting World Understanding Through Adventure Travel

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The Ted Simon Foundation announced that its official launch to the public and press will take place at Coventry Transport Museum in the UK on October 6th, the 38th anniversary of the beginning of Ted Simon’s first solo journey around the world.

The Ted Simon Foundation will encourage and assist adventure travelers in making an extra effort to develop their observations and insights into something of value for the rest of the world to share, whatever their medium of expression might be.

The Foundation is named after Ted Simon, 80, a veteran of two solo motorcycle journeys around the world and author of Jupiter’s Travels. Commenting on the forthcoming launch, Ted Simon said, “We believe that individuals of good will, moving among foreign cultures and making themselves vulnerable to the beliefs and customs of strangers, have great importance in promoting world understanding, and even more so when they can distill the essence of their experiences into a form that can be absorbed by many.”

“Our world is in ferment as never before and this is challenging but fertile ground for those of us who seek to understand the beauties, the mysteries and the tragedies of our world. No traveler, in our experience, ever came home with a message of hate.” Simon added.

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