Schuberth C3 SRCS

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Schuberth, a German helmet manufacturer, entered the U.S. market with its DOT approved helmets in late 2010. In Europe, Schuberth has been the benchmark when it comes to safety. It invented the flip-up design, and based on our testing has the best locking mechanism for it. The C3 doesn’t come with flashy graphics or wild designs, but it’s packed with safety features. At about 1570g (3.46 pounds) it’s also the lightest lid around. While wearing the C3 on tour I experienced the company’s claimed 84 dB(A) or less at about 65 mph thanks to the integrated acoustic collar and the anti-noise pad. Because Schuberth’s only helmet is the C3, some riders might not have the head shape for it. When I first tried it on I felt pressure on the top of my head and on my forehead, but because I had to test it I wore it anyway. After a weeklong tour the helmet seemed to have formed around my head, and I no longer feel any pressure points. Another feature that won me over is the sun visor, which comes down far enough to block the sun and not put a line of distortion in my view. The inside of the visor can also be outfitted with an anti-fog shield. I tried the helmet on in the office and closed all vents and visors and it did not fog up, and I got the same results on the road. The helmet is almost like a Transformer – the longer I used it, the more features I found. The vent at the top can be completely removed for easy cleaning. And we all know how difficult it is to remove bug splatter from vents.

The C3W is the women’s version, which has a different shaped shell and an antimicrobial and hypoallergenic liner.

Schuberth teamed up with Cardo to provide a communication system. To not interfere with aerodynamics and noise levels the engineers decided to install a Bluetooth system in the neck collar. During testing we found that it seemed more like an afterthought, especially as the boom microphone gets in the way of the flip-up part. The sound quality, however, is superb. Easy installation and use allows for worry-free communication while riding.


Sizes: XXS-XXL
Price: $699

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