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Most touring riders know that Held makes some of the finest motorcycling gloves on the market. Its jackets and pants have the same attention to detail and quality, but compared with the competition Held gloves excel even more. The Warm n Dry gloves do just as the name implies. Extra layers and lining on the back of the hands provide enough padding to shield against whatever Mother Nature throws at them. Knuckle protectors give these winter-sports-looking gloves the distinction they need for hardcore touring enthusiasts. They use less material in the palm to allow a comfortable position around grips. For lucky riders who have heated grips this feature becomes even more useful, as the thinner palm lining lets more warmth through.

Although I have not found gloves that are 100 percent waterproof, this pair is very close. Somehow water always finds its way in, either through the actual glove or along the sleeve of the jacket. The X-TRAFITä by GORE-TEXâ is a laminated, waterproof lining system that ensures the lining stays inside and won’t come out as you pull out your hands. I used these gloves primarily on a high-altitude tour of Peru, through three days of torrential rain and through a snowstorm. Without heated grips, but with wind deflectors, my hands stayed warm and dry.


Color: black
Sizes: 7-12
Price: $199.99

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