No-Mar Scratch-Proof Tire Changers and Accessories

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I’ve had a new set of tires for my Kawasaki KLR™ in the garage for about six months, but I’ve been procrastinating taking the bike and tires to my mechanic for mounting. Along comes the No-Mar tire changer for testing, which seems like the perfect solution for my tire-changing indolence. After UPSâ deposits the package on my front porch I cart it off to the garage for assembly. All of the components are well-built and go together easily. In order to use the assembled tire changer, however, it must be securely anchored in some fashion. No-Mar offers three anchoring options: a trailer-hitch attachment, a roll-on base for moving a four-wheeled vehicle onto it, and a bolt-to-the-floor mount, which is the one I select.

Since I haven’t changed anything more challenging than bicycle tires in a number of years I watch the video for changing dirt-bike tires several times before beginning. It looks easy, but I soon discover it takes practice to accomplish the task smoothly. That brings me to an essential accessory that the folks at No-Mar were kind enough to provide: Posi-Clamps for dirt bikes and heavy-cruiser spoke wheels. These clamps firmly grip the rims with minimal compression of the tire, allowing the tire sidewall to hang over the clamps without interference.

Tube-type tires are still the easiest to remove with traditional spoon-type tire irons and rim protectors. The combination of the Posi-Clamps and the No-Mar lubricant, however, makes dismounting my tires a breeze. The distinctively shaped mount/demount bar is designed primarily for tubeless-type tires, and I guess I’ll have to wait until my Honda ST1300 needs new rubber before I can use it. When remounting larger tires there’s another No-Mar accessory that I recommend. Its SpoonBar has built-in rim protectors and provides substantial leverage over tires during remounting. Don’t tell anybody, but I use the SpoonBars to remount my much smaller dirt-bike tires; the leverage and power of the tool is just too tempting.

Now it’s time to balance the wheels and newly mounted tires, and No-Mar has just the right tool for that job, too. Its Standard Balancer is not only easy to use but is said to have accuracy to 1/16 of an ounce. I scrape off the old balancer weights and follow the video instructions for balancing with new weights.

Tire-changing equipment really starts paying for itself when you own multiple bikes, put a lot of miles on your bikes each year, or ride dual-sport bikes where you often switch between street and knobby tires.

No-Mar offers several tire-changer models and equipment packages, but the basic Classic Model, which is the one I used, handles virtually all motorcycle applications. It’s priced at $645.00, but you may want to add a few accessories. I particularly recommend the following ones: Posi-Clamps for tubeless tires ($150 for a set of three), and the SpoonBar ($32 or $36 each, depending on length). An instructional video comes with the tire changer and is available on No-Mar’s website. If you’re unsure about something don’t hesitate to call for help, (636) 343-6686. More information and pricing can be found at


Top 10 Tips For Changing Tires with No-Mar:

  1. Make sure the tire changer is securely anchored.
  2. Watch the applicable video(s) several times.
  3. Follow the video instructions in the order presented.
  4. Lubricate the tire and rim as directed.
  5. Make sure the wheel is securely fastened to and centered on the changer.
  6. Use the leverage afforded by the dismounting and mounting tools.
  7. Note the directional arrows on the new tire to ensure its correct mounting.
  8. Inflate the tube (for tube-type tires) slightly before mounting the final edge of the tire.
  9. Unfasten the wheel from the changer before fully inflating it.

10. Balance the wheel on the No-Mar Balancer.

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