KLR 650 1986-07 Adventure Touring Wind Screen

Jul 20, 2011 View Comments by

TCI Products (a division of Turbo City) is offering an innovative new touring wind screen for model-specific first-generation Kawasaki KLRs. It provides improved wind protection over stock and many other aftermarket products. The TCI screen mounts to a sturdy metal bracket on the headlight bezel; the stock piece is not removed. Air funneling through the space between the stock screen and the TCI screen, which is 6 inches higher and 3 inches wider, reduces wind buffeting and provides a more comfortable ride.

It took about 30 minutes to install the TCI screen on my 2006 KLR. Although the TCI one is a much larger piece of plastic it’s more attractive than the tall, skinny wind screens available in the aftermarket. When test riding the bike with the new screen installed I noticed that its compound curve shape provides a distinct improvement in airflow management and riding comfort. Overall TCI has a well-constructed product and should receive serious consideration by KLR riders.


Wind screen                $199.95
Mounting Bracket         $59.95


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