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When I rode my Kawasaki KLR650 for the first time on the highway, I was bothered by the tiny stock windscreen , which spoiled long rides on an otherwise freeway-capable bike. The wind blast was directed at the lower edge of my helmet, which created a loud roar at highway speeds, along with some buffeting.

Zero Gravity, a company that specializes in making replacement windscreens, came to the rescue. ZG offers a choice of stock replacement, super sport, Double Bubble® and sport-touring screens for a wide variety of motorcycles. I chose the sport-touring model, 4-inches taller and wider than stock, and I’ve been pleased with its great wind protection and tinted good looks.

ZG’s windscreens are made from quality acrylic plastic that uses a special blow-molding technique to prevent distortion. They are stretched as they are formed, which is said to add strength and flexibility to help the windscreen withstand vibration and resist cracking. Most ZG windscreens, including this one, are pre-drilled and ready to install. The holes and windscreen closely matched the original fairing for a perfect fit; all holes aligned just right.

Installation was easy and only required a Phillips screwdriver and needle-nose pliers to pull the expandable threaded rubber plugs out. If you have an older bike, you may need new rubber plugs for installation, as the original ones eventually become set in the compressed, expanded position – if this happens, keep in mind that Zero Gravity offers a variety of fasteners to solve the problem.

On my KLR, the wind hits considerably higher on the helmet now, which makes a very noticeable reduction in noise – and there’s no buffeting. The taller screen flexes a bit more at high speeds, especially in turbulent air or into a headwind. But the good thing is that after several months and many thousands of miles, my fairing still looks like new.

The ZG windscreen is well made of quality material, an excellent fit and fair value. It has significantly improved rider comfort at higher speeds and looks great too.


Price: $89.95

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