MotoMojo Electric Seat Heater Installation

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A heated seat is one of those things that sounds superfluous…until you actually need it. Years ago, the first time I heard of an electrically heated motorcycle seat, I scoffed at the idea. That opinion stuck until I got to try one on a long, bone-chilling winter ride; that’s all it took to make me a believer.

Until recently it wasn’t possible to retrofit a motorcycle that wasn’t originally available with a seat heater from the factory. A new line of motorcycle seat heater kits has been developed by the folks at Seat Comfort Systems, based on the firm’s experience as an automotive seat-heater supplier since 2000. Designed to help extend the riding season, the Motorcycle Seat Heater System features a wire-based heating element and a thermostat that maintains the unit’s temperature. The kits, which are available in several sizes and designs to fit a wide range of motorcycles, consist of a thin heating element embedded in a piece of cloth that allows it to be installed under the existing seat’s upholstery. They also come with the necessary wiring and connectors, plus a rocker switch for a finished look.

The unit I installed on my Kawasaki KLR™ 650 was a small “sew type” heater (model designation SCSMHS for Seat Comfort Systems moto heater small). This kit, which is rated to draw only 20 watts, is excellent for bikes like the KLR with modest charging-system capacities. It comes with one heating pad, with one temperature setting, a wiring harness, water-resistant round rocker switch and connectors, plus instructions, for $75.


Installing the Heating Element

  1. Drill a ¾-inch hole for the switch and file a small keyway slot to position the switch correctly in the hole.
  2. Detach the seat and remove staples around the front section to reveal the foam padding where the heating element will be installed.
  3. Position the heating element for best fit and trim the cloth backing to fit.
  4. Trim the foam slightly where the wires attach to avoid a lump when the cover is reinstalled.
  5. Apply a small amount of contact or trim cement to hold the heater in place.


Installing the Electrical

  1. Using a test light or voltmeter, find a spare position on (or adjacent to) the fuse block that is only powered when the ignition is on. If necessary, install a new fuse holder and fuse (5A or less) to protect the seat circuit.
  2. Attach the ground wire to any nearby bolt on the frame.
  3. Connect the kit’s wiring harness to the switch, and run it concealed to the seat heater and power source.
  4. With a helper to stretch and position the upholstery, use a staple gun to reattach the seat cover.

When everything was in place on the KLR, we took it for a test run. The verdict: the heater is nicely made and adds a welcome amount of warmth that really helps takes the chill off on a cold day.


Seat Comfort Systems

(949) 395-1282

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