Sidi Adventure Rain Boots

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Adventure touring presents a constant string of unique challenges. Any rider that’s navigated a lonely two-track or backcountry trail will attest that proper foot protection is an absolute necessity. And few boots on the market answer the call of the wild better than Sidi’s Adventure Rain. These stout kicks sport an impressive amalgamation of off-road protection and walk-about comfort. The split-grain leather outer construction is married to a soft, grippy sole for maximum traction around a rain-soaked gas pump, as well as keeping it upright in a high flow creek-crossing. And because creeks often involve big, bone-crunching rocks, the Adventure Rains also feature rigid internal and external heel protectors that team with rugged ankle-guards to keep toes and tarsi ticking.

Another welcome touch is the breathable inner membrane that is specially designed to keep water at bay. A couple of swampy touchdowns in order to keep the XL600 upright yielded no appreciable aquatic inroads. In the comfort department, the Adventure Rains also make an admirable showing. Sure, they’re not walking shoes, but they beat the hell out of the torture racks that are standard issue off-road boots. The multi-position, cam-lock buckle system and Velcro® adjustable uppers assure a snug fit on any foot. Over all, these boots deserve a big thumbs-up. Though a little stiff at first, they break in nicely and provide the intrepid explorer with an impressive balance of comfort and top-notch protection.

Sizes: 7-13
Colors: black
Price: $375

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