Lessons Learned

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Not even a year after I found the passion for riding motorcycles, my best friend Ron and I began discussing plans to take a small two-day test drive starting from a campground in Tecate to San Felipe, Mexico. Lucky for me, he was motorcycle-savvy with years of experience riding and repairing motorbikes. We tried to plan ahead, but spontaneously left on New Year’s Eve — totally unprepared.

Upon arriving at our campground in Tecate and unloading our bikes and gear, we realized that our GPS was accidentally left behind, along with a box of spares and tools much needed for our trip. We decided to continue on with our adventure anyway. With help from the locals and use of our road map, we were on our way by dirt road to San Felipe. Instantly, we discovered that the trail started splitting left and right and the map gave no clue which way to go; it seemed as though every decision we made that day was completely wrong and ended up taking us everywhere from dead-ends to ranches. And we were chased off by what seemed like every breed of dog imaginable. We were getting nowhere fast — but happy to be doing it.

We finally made it to a paved road, after 100 miles of amazing trails through mountains and desert. We thought by then we’d be close to San Felipe, but wrong again! Hours later, we finally arrived and found a hotel just minutes before the new year began. It was the best way I’ve ever started a new year and an adventure I’ll never forget!


Lesson Learned:

Next time, I’ll be bringing that GPS and my box of spares!


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