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Folks want it all from their sport-touring radial tires, with both ultra-high performance and extended wear. To answer the call, Continental Motorcycle Tyres has developed its new Road Attack 2, which promises the utmost in traction and mileage for street bikes.

These new tires further demonstrate Continental’s intention to be at the forefront of motorcycle performance tire development. The Road Attack 2 features new technology for grip, safety, mileage, and riding dynamics not previously known in the sport-touring radial market. Traction Skin is a revolutionary new micro-roughness of the tread designed to optimize adhesion for the safest, fastest break-in period in the market. Combined with Conti’s “Black Chili” compound, which was developed for quick warm-up, short braking distances, and excellent grip on wet and dry roads, traction is more predictable and uniform

Dynamic-Ride-Technology further improves handling and control of the bike by using patented steel-cord construction for stability and a unique contour for quick turn-in. Continuous Compound Technology (shared with the ContiRace Attack product line) is a single compound which — thanks to a temperature-controlled curing process — delivers the benefits of a multi-compound tire without the abrupt transition between the different compounds that multi-compound tires are known for. The center tread area is wear-resistant for longer mileage, while the shoulder tread area has increasing grip from center to shoulder. This continuous transition from center to shoulder is designed to deliver smooth and predictable performance.

Continental’s staff knew we would be skeptical of these claims, but they were so confident about their new tires that they invited RoadRUNNER and some other riders to ride their new rubber at their testing facility near Hannover, Germany. On three different private tracks, we put the new Road Attack 2 through its paces on both wet and dry surfaces. We rode a variety of sporty Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki motorcycles ranging from 600cc to 1200cc in twin- and four-cylinder configurations, including a VFR1200 and a ZX6R.

In the morning we rode on a 2.4-mile road course that had an array of both left and right turns of varying radii, along with some nice straights connecting them for some exciting top speeds. With cool temperatures and fresh tires, a quick warm-up is important and the tires didn’t let us down, literally or figuratively. Within the first few corners they felt secure enough to go for it. Straight-line speeds up to about 132 mph allowed us to experience the tire’s excellent high-speed stability. Turn-in was good and the tires were confidence inspiring, allowing the bike to lean way over until parts were scraping, with no loss of traction. The Road Attack 2 also worked well during heavy braking with little squirm and strong grip.

Next we ventured out onto the Contidrom’s 1.7-mile high-banked oval, which has one of the highest pucker factors of any track I’ve ever ridden. Riding three stories up on the high-banked track is an experience this rider won’t soon forget. The 58-degree banking allows riders to circumnavigate the oval at top speeds, without slowing for the turns. Entering a corner tucked in at top speed, pinned in sixth gear at 160-plus mph takes a lot of faith and intestinal fortitude. As G-forces press you down into the banked corner, the suspension compresses, and you feel every pavement ripple — yet you have to look up to see the track ahead. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the Contidrom’s banking was the main topic over dinner that evening. With much animated gesticulation, we looked like a reunion of fighter pilots!

In the afternoon, we headed out to Conti’s 1.2-mile wet-handling track, which has sprinklers strategically placed to put water all over the road surface. There’s a variety of pavement types with varying grip and a few places were water collects to show up any tendency to hydroplane. Fortunately, we never experienced any hydroplaning and the tires provided good grip with a predictable and gradual traction loss that was controllable when they did finally start to slip during ever-harder braking.

To finish off the testing, we returned to the dry handling course for a few more sessions. With confidence built up from a day of incident-free riding, I worked my knee pucks hard, leaving a trail of sparks from side and center stands. But the tires continued to grip as lap times fell. At the end of the long day, we were delighted about how well the tires worked without showing much wear, even when ridden far harder than would ever be likely on the street or even a moderate track day. ContiRoad Attack 2 tires proved themselves to be everything the manufacturer claimed and should be a good choice for street riders who want a tire that combines excellent grip with reasonable wear characteristics.

ContiRoad Attack 2 front sizes include 110/70ZR17, 120/60ZR17, 120/70ZR17, 110/80ZR18 and 120/70ZR18. Rear sizes are 150/70ZR17, 160/60ZR17, 170/60ZR17, 180/55ZR17, 190/50ZR17, 190/55ZR17, and 160/60ZR18. Suggested retail prices range from $135 to $165 for front tires and $185 to $210 for rears. There are also dual-sport sizes 110/80R19 front and 150/70R17 rear, which retail for $155 and $185, respectively. Additionally, there’s a new ContiRoad Attack 2 C that was developed in conjunction with BMW for specific BMW models; this model has an additional carcass ply. 120/70ZR17 Road Attack 2 C $165 and 180/55ZR17 for $210. For more information visit or call 740-966-3106.

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