World Travelers – Where are they?

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So I know some of you have been wondering what we’ve been up to as we’ve been a little quiet recently!

Well, after leaving the USA in June last year – 2009 – we’ve experienced some of the most amazingly different and sometimes challenging and confusing cultural aspects of our trip so far….riding through 12 countries (with all the associated visa stresses, strains and costs!) and coping with many different languages . yes, I know that we normally do but the languages we have been coping with have no Latin base …its not easy to pick up much conversational Farsi or Hindu!

When we crossed the border into Nepal from India we were ready for the trip to take on a calmer andless manic tempo, India had taken its toll. It was decision time; where was the safest location to spend the monsoon? We had 2 choices – stay in Nepal or visit Nepal quickly and move on to Thailand before the monsoon hit….mmm? This would also mean us being in Laos and Cambodia during the rainy season. I think after our ‘session’ in Brazil’s Amazon both of us know that we’ve had enough mud to last us a lifetime!

Nepal, quieter, calmer, the traffic is still not like the States or Europe but much much better than Indian traffic, you could almost call it considerate! Our first ride in Nepal took us into Pokhara. As the early morning sun slowly rose, shining a luminescent orange we rode the most wonderful twisty mountain roads fringed with lush green tropics. This was when we decided to stick in Nepal so we could soak up this small countries atmosphere, enjoy its people, take time out, enjoy our photography and marvel at the incredible Annapurna Himalayas. What a great choice this has been.

Now …some of you know that during our time in Nepal we ended up waiting for quite a few items for the bikes. New tires,a new coil for Simon’s bike, new RT leads, the list goes on.

Even with the bikes working we were at a forced stand still with National Maoist strikes bringing the country to a dead-stop.

At one point Simon’s bike was laid up for 3 weeks whilst we were waiting for the very small parcel containing Simon’s coil to be posted, flown and then released from customs here in Nepal!

So, after finally receiving all of the parts we could get to work on the bikes….but during their time off the road the bikes had been taken over and their new ‘owners’ were being extremely difficult in letting us get anywhere near the bikes! Have a look at this small part of video which will explain all. ‘2ridetheworld – youtube channel’ It took a little while for us to make the new owners realize that they had to give them back to us.

Between bouts of torrential downpours and with 90% humidity we finally got all of the parts back on the bikes, however, we were now smack bang in the middle of the monsoon. For anyone who hasn’t experienced a monsoon well…just imagine walking out of your front door and straight into a waterfall, where the visibility is down to inches.

This years monsoon was late and we’re told especially heavy. After hearing that a large chunk of the only road into western Kathmandu had been washed away we turned our attention North hoping to enter Nepal’s capital from a different direction. That idea was soon stopped dead in its tracks when we’d heard that land-slides had closed all roads north of the city as well. We were stuck in Pokhara for the time-being.

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