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I recently returned from the magazine’s 5th Touring Weekend in Bristol VA, my first. Had a blast – great roads, great food, great folks. I also gave a presentation humorously titled “A Brief History of the Influence of Technology on Two-Wheeled Vehicular Transportation.” I had a good-sized audience (a lot of Digital Riders out there, apparently) and shared my thoughts on how technology has affected (and will continue to affect) how we ride and tour. For example, ten years ago, who would have thought that GPS systems would be so widespread? Similarly, what new technologies now will be commonplace in 2020?

Much of the presentation focused on the convergence of different devices – phones, nav systems, MP3 players, computers, etc… – into a new generation of web-enabled devices. The iPhone, of course, is the poster child for this convergence, and there are some interesting apps that a Digital Rider can take advantage of. I’ll feature some of the more interesting iPhone apps in future posts, but for now, here’s an abbreviated list:

Car Minder – Keep track of repair and maintenance records for your two and four-wheeled vehicles
The Backpacker Checklist – Organize the task of packing for your next adventure
US Bike Laws – A state by state list of motorcycle-related laws, i.e., helmet usage, sound ordinances, etc…
Navigon MobileNavigator – GPS nav system
Skype – VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), aka phone calls using Wifi
Pandora – Program your own Internet radio stations
Binaural Beats – Fall asleep to pleasant ambient noises
Camerabag – Apply creative filters to photos you take with your phone
Priceline – Find a hotel room nearby
Loopt – Keep track of friends/Let other follow you on your adventures
Yelp – Find restaurants and services nearby
Pocket Universe – Interactive map of the night sky
Greatest Road – Share your favorite roads with others

Check them out on iTunes, and if you have any apps that you find invaluable on the road, please share!

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