Leatherman Super Tool 300

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For the most part, motorcycle tool kits aren’t comprised of the finest quality fix-it items available. They’re usually rather anemic collections of pot metal pieces that often aren’t up to even the most rudimentary tasks. Unfortunately, a proper tool collection takes up space and it usually ends up far from reach at the very bottom of the saddlebag or topcase. Don’t despair handyman – there is an option. With the Leatherman Super Tool 300, a handful of quality tools can now be carried comfortably right on your hip. This award winning, high quality device is crafted from stainless steel and contains 19 separate tools that conveniently fold into a package that measures only 4.5inches long and weighs a mere 9.6ounces. Perhaps the best part, it comes with a handy carrying case that keeps it out in the open, right on your belt.
While the Super Tool 300 certainly isn’t motorcycle specific, it does pack many of the basic implements that are guaranteed to come in handy at least a couple of times over the course of any journey. And with a 25-year warranty, you know it’ll be along for the ride for many years to come.

Super Tool 300
Price: $84

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