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Let There be Conspicuity

Feb 20, 2010 View Comments by

Let’s face it – motorcycles are harder to see than cars. Headlights help, of course, but bikes with single lights don’t provide the distance and size cues that widely-spaced lights on cars and certain motorcycles offer. Enter auxiliary driving lights that not only help riders see the road but also helps other road users see riders. has recently introduced the Denali LED Lighting 2-Light Kit and it looks promising. LEDs are finding uses in so many areas due to their durability (no filaments to break), long life (often measured in tens of thousands of hours), and low power requirements. They’re also small, generate little heat, and don’t have to warm up like HID lights. The Denalis, AFAIK, are one of the first motorcycle applications, and look tough and ready for adventure. They’re probably not powerful enough for a bike to be mistaken for a GMC Denali, but it’s a step in the bright direction.


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