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Good Things Come in Small Packages. Better Things Come in Small Aluminum Packages.

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Netbooks are all the rage these days. Cheap and cheerful, they are the Yamaha YSRs of the laptop world and make great road tools for someone that needs to get online at the hotel or empty the camera’s memory card before the next day’s riding. My personal favorites are the HP Minis – my 2140 always finds its way into my camera bag. Step up from the plastic-shelled ones available at your local Best Buy and take a peek at their business line. There you’ll find a Digital Rider’s dream – tiny netbooks with good battery life (up to 9 hours!) encased in a rugged aluminum shell. The new models have wireless broadband (a data plan is required) so you can update your Facebook profile with trip photos at the next food stop and make your pals back home jealous.

As with all netbooks there are compromises – small keyboards, small screens, anemic computing power. But until the iPad proves itself in the field, netbooks are where it’s at.

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