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Water-proof HD Video Camera for Your Pocket

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We live in an age of digital convergence, where ever-shrinking “devices” are performing more and more tasks. Of particular interest to Digital Riders is the merging of the video and still cameras. Coming from the video end of the spectrum is the soon-to-be-released Kodak Playsport. The Playsport shoots 1080P, 30FPS HD video and doubles as a 5 megapixel camera, all in a pocketable package that’s weather resistant to 10 feet – so you can take it to the deep end of most pools – or mount it to your handlebars as you ride through a spring shower. As a bonus, the built-in image stabilization will help keep your viewers from getting sea sick.

Every product is a result of compromises, and here it will likely be image quality. We can’t confirm until we get our hands on one, but cameras with small sensors (the bit of electronics that captures the light on the other side of the lens) typically struggle in low light situations when the image starts to become blocky and noisy. So don’t expect to make the cover of National Geographic or be featured in your local movie theater, you’ll need bigger and better gear for that. But at an expected price of $149.95, the Kodak Playsport may be perfect for folks that want capture snapshots on their two-wheeled adventures, shine or rain.

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