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Of all the widgets and gadgets that I bought last year – and trust me, I bought a lot of them – the one that I may be most excited about is this little 6" extension cord. For real. Right now plenty of you may be saying to yourselves, “6 inches? There’s not a lot of extension in that cord, is there?” But I know that there are some of you out there that understand this. Some of you get off the saddle after an epic day’s ride, haul the saddlebags into the hotel room, and immediately begin sniffing around for outlets – to recharge the phone, to recharge the camera, to recharge the MP3 player, to recharge the laptop, and to recharge that oddball digital gadget that you always question bringing but are always glad you did.

If you are one of us, then this puny 6″ extension cord is for you. It takes up practically no space at all yet turns a single outlet in a 3 device charging station. Available at Radio Shack –

If you are one of us, then this blog is for you. Welcome to RoadRUNNER Magazine’s Digital Rider, a blog about riders and the electronic toys they take on the road with them.

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