One Crazy Ride

Sep 01, 2009 View Comments by

If you think adventure touring requires aluminum panniers, satellite navigation, and Ewan McGregor, think again. In India, five intrepid (crazy) riders embark on a journey that would make even the most hardened rider’s skin crawl. Determined to discover the Himalayan state of Arunachal Predesh in Northeast India, these explorers set out on a route charted across roads that nearly everyone in the region agrees do not even exist. The kicker, they’re doing it on horribly overloaded Royal Enfield street bikes. While the hardships and problems they encounter in this inhospitable environment are everything the viewer would expect, the true wonder shining through is the group’s esprit de corps and their undying dedication to complete this seemingly impossible task. Shot by “out-of-work filmmaker” Gaurav Jani, One Crazy Ride uses no film crew or chase vehicle. All camera work comes courtesy of a tripod or Jani’s steady hand. What we’re treated to is a collage of unbelievably stunning images that capture this mysterious part of the earth as the resiliency of man and machine are put to the test. One Crazy Ride is a spellbinding DVD guaranteed to redefine adventure touring for anyone who watches it.

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