Riding In the Zone

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Experienced riders will tell you being “in the zone” is one of the paramount joys of motorcycling. It’s a feeling best described as machine, mind, and body working as one. There are many aspects to achieving such a harmonious state of consciousness, and author Ken Condon’s newest book does an excellent job explaining the many factors that work together to achieve this end.
Riding In the Zone examines not only technical aspects of motorcycle control, but also mental preparedness and how the two act in concert to make for a safer, more enjoyable ride. The book features numerous color photographs that effectively illustrate the points being made, and the included DVD further clarifies Condon’s themes. After finishing the book, I watched the DVD and found that the sights, sounds and motion of the instructional clips firmly reinforced the information just studied. And though this volume is aimed at “early-intermediate to early-advanced” riders, any motorcyclist should benefit from the lessons and safety tips it contains.

Riding In the Zone
by Ken Condon
ISBN: 9781884313769
Whitehorse Press
Price: $29.95

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