Vanson Traveler Pants

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In protective riding garments, leather may always be the material of choice. But while ex-cows may be tops in abrasion resistance, their hides leave a lot to be desired when it comes to breathable characteristics. And when you live in the South or find yourself at the sun’s mercy in any other area, that can be a real issue.
Enter Vanson’s Traveler Pants, featuring perforated PROperf™ leather and designed to zip in to all of Vanson’s Sport Rider jackets. These trousers are made from competition-weight hides but created with the touring rider in mind. Belt loops and an adjustable waistband combine with an expander section above the knees to ensure proper fit. Conveniently located, Cordura®-lined front pockets are perfect for keys and spare change, and the roomy rear pocket means the wallet doesn’t have to end up in the tank bag. Though unarmored, the Travelers do feature double leather at the knees, and they’re tapered to fit inside riding boots. Once broken in, these pants are not only comfortable, they look cool. And where it really counts, next to the skin, they are cool, thanks to the perforations. But if feeling the breeze isn’t your thing, non-perforated Travelers are available as well.

Traveler Pants
Sizes: Mens XS-XXXL
Colors: black
Price: $449

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