Passing On the Inside

Aug 10, 2007 View Comments by

This summer, Buell Motorcycle Company is promoting a groundbreaking new Track Day Program called “Inside Pass: The Ultimate Track Day.” This program will open premium race tracks around the U.S. to riders of all brands, giving them the opportunity to test ride the latest Buell models on-track during the event. Inside Pass gives licensed riders the rare opportunity to experience a topnotch track day aboard their personal motorcycles, and if they wish, to take on-track demo rides of the latest Buell models. Assigned to each Inside Pass Track Day, a professional photographer will take pictures of each rider out on the track, capturing the excitement and action. Photographs will then be made available online after the event, and riders can download their personal photos for free. Riders will also receive prizes, like fresh knee pucks and T-shirts, and they’ll also get a catered lunch along with beverages throughout the day. Buell representatives and local dealership staff will be on site to answer questions.

Inside Pass, to be held at ten top-shelf road courses throughout the United States, ends at Laguna Seca in Monterey, California, in November. Riders of all brands can experience an amazing day of strafing apexes and get the chance to see firsthand why Buell Motorcycle riders claim to “Own the Corners.” Visit for details and registration information.

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