Dowco Guardian® Ultralite™ Plus

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Being out on the road does not mean your bike needs relentless exposure to the elements. When you’re snug in your room or tent, why should your faithful ride have to rough it? The folks at Dowco have a perfectly valid answer to that question in their Guardian® Ultralite™ Plus motorcycle cover. Yeah, we’ve all dealt with those hard-to-use covers that are simply too bulky to take along on tour. That’s not the case with this new Dowco model. Constructed of rip-stop polyester fabric, this lightweight, full-size cover is designed with the traveler in mind. With the Guardian® Ultralite™ Plus, your entire bike is protected from dust, pollution, and especially that pesky morning dew. A UV, water-repellant coating also keeps harsh sunlight and rain showers at bay. Easy to install and remove, this cover is also fitted with a strong elastic band that clings all the way around the bottom, as well as an under-belly strap to secure it against the wind. Inside, a soft lining protects the windshield from scratching and sewn-in flaps allow for moisture release. The best part is the whole unit can be easily folded to fit into all but the tiniest bags. With all these features and a three-year limited warranty, the Ultralite™ Plus sure beats spending valuable riding time looking for a stop with that elusive awning.

Guardian® Ultralite™ Plus
Colors: Gray
Price: Medium – $46.99
Large – $49.99
Extra Large – $53.99

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