This is How I Roll

Jun 19, 2012 View Comments by

I’m getting ready to leave for my next assignment – a trip up to the Canadian province of Quebec with a 2012 BMW R 1200 RT. What cameras and lenses to bring is always part of the puzzle. The BMW’s got a pair of decent-sized panniers, but I don’t consider that an invitation to pack […]

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iPhone Gone Pro

May 14, 2012 View Comments by

Nowadays almost every cell phone comes with a digital camera, which makes it easy to snap a picture and quickly share it with friends and family. Currently, one of the most popular phones is undoubtedly the Apple iPhone, which in its latest incarnation comes with a whopping 8-megapixel camera, an LED flash, and an HD […]

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Goldilocks and the Micro Four-Thirds

Mar 14, 2012 View Comments by

Over the last couple of years a new class of cameras has emerged. Bigger and better than your typical point-and-shoot and smaller and lighter than a good DSLR, these so-called “Compact System Cameras” or CSCs (or MILC or Mirrorless, the industry hasn’t decided upon the definitive name quite yet) have long been on my radar. […]

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Digital Camera Gear for the Digital Rider: Tamrac ZipShot Tripod

Nov 01, 2010 View Comments by

You’ve got to see this to believe it: It’s like a tent pole and a tripod met in Las Vegas and had a weekend they’d both rather forget. Credit to Tamrac for unique and out-of-the-tent thinking. This tripod is for… …ultralight travelers …attention seekers This tripod is not for… …tropical storms …fuddy duddies Click here […]

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