Review: MotoChello MC-100 Audio System

Dec 10, 2013 View Comments by

What happens when you take a motorcyclist and audiophile (who also happens to be an electronics engineer) and turn him loose to build a new motorcycle audio system from the ground up (no pun intended)? The answer is the MotoChello MC-100. Broken down into its components, the MotoChello is a combination of a stereo receiver, […]

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Midland Radio BT-2 D Wireless Intercom

Jan 25, 2011 View Comments by

We’ve tested Bluetooth intercom systems in the past, so with each new product, our expectations unsurprisingly rise. Midland Radio’s BT-2 D wireless intercom doesn’t disappoint. User-friendly buttons and button logic, along with an easy to follow instruction manual, make installation a cinch. Each unit includes two ready-to-charge-and-use devices that also function independently from each other. […]

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