Explorers’ Edge Announces Best Motorcycle Touring Roads in Cottage Country

Jul 30, 2015 View Comments by Florian Neuhauser

The Top 10 Roads in Ontario, Canada
 – After sending a motorcycling expert out to check the condition of its “Top 10 Roads” in Ontario’s cottage country, the regional tourism organization known as Explorers’ Edge has made some changes to its recommended routes for summer and fall motorcycle touring. The “Top 10 Roads” recommendations are […]

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Sturgis Events – What to do During the Rally

Jul 29, 2015 View Comments by Florian Neuhauser

2015 Sturgis Event Calendar – Things to Do – Friday, July 31 Noon: Opening Ceremony of H-D Rally Point – Harley-Davidson Sunday, Aug. 2 Visit Lazelle Street Indian Display for exact time: Limited Edition Model Year 2016 Chief Classic Giveaway 3:30 p.m. “Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis” Welcome Event – Indian Motorcycle 4 p.m. Sturgis […]

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Frank Covucci Leads Guided Tour October 3-12, 2015

Jul 28, 2015 View Comments

An Appalachian Autumn Adventure – Having RoadRUNNER’s headquarters in North Carolina, our staff benefits a lot from the extra one or two months of riding season that living in the South allows. If you’re not so lucky, you might want to consider a guided tour such as the Appalachian Autumn Adventure Motorcycle Tour led by […]

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Progressive International Motorcycle Shows Sponsors Summer Motorcycle Events and Rallies

Jul 27, 2015 View Comments

Supporting the Motorcycle Community – The Progressive International Motorcycle Shows (IMS) recently launched its Summer of Sponsorship program in an effort to support the motorcycle community by sponsoring bike nights, events, and rallies all over the U.S, including the 43rd Annual BMW Motorcycle Owners of America (BMW MOA) rally, which was held in Billings, MT […]

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Review: Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet

Jul 25, 2015 View Comments by Brian Shaney

It’s been more than a few years since the rise of the “Adventure” bike and several more since Bell Helmets developed the first full-face motorcycle lids back in 1971. In that time the “bucket” that (hopefully) protects our noggins has come a long way in terms of design, materials, and safety. Fast forward to present […]

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Tour of the Week: Sturgis and Deadwood, South Dakota Shamrock Tour®

Jul 24, 2015 View Comments

Black Hills of South Dakota – Each week RoadRUNNER Magazine is releasing a “Tour of the Week” from our extensive archives. The tour article, along with downloadable maps and GPS files, will be available for free, but only for a week! This week’s Sturgis and Deadwood, SD Shamrock Tour® comes from the Jan/Feb 2008 issue.

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Event Recap: The 2015 Touring Weekend

Jul 23, 2015 View Comments

Three Days of Riding Fun in North Carolina –  Around 250 people, from across the country and Canada, were in attendance for this year’s Touring Weekend, an event, which first began as a memorial ride for RoadRUNNER magazine’s founder Christian Neuhauser ten years ago. On Thursday, July 16, guests joined RoadRUNNER journalists and team members […]

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Review: Speed & Strength Rust and Redemption Jacket

Jul 22, 2015 View Comments by David Burbach

Classic Style with Great Comfort – The motorcycle gear market is in the process of being flooded with traditionally styled motorcycle apparel with increased protection and functionality, which is great for riders. The Rust and Redemption jacket from Speed & Strength has a simple, classic look yet provides the rider with a versatile and protective […]

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Indian’s Black Bullet Scout

Jul 21, 2015 View Comments

A Factory Sponsored Custom – Shockingly the latest factory backed custom creation from Indian does NOT involve Roland Sands. The builder behind this black beauty is Jeb Scolman, who also built the Spirit of Munro for the debut of the Thunder Stroke 111 engine. The Black Bullet Scout isn’t really a modified Indian Scout as […]

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Second Take Review: Shoei Neotec Helmet

Jul 20, 2015 View Comments by David Burbach

Another Look at Shoei’s Modular – We’ve reviewed the Shoei Neotec before, and quite favorably. However, after I recently wore it during a 1,700-plus mile, eight day tour in temperatures that reached 115-degrees, I thought I would report again on how it faired. It was hot. Really hot. So hot that opening the visor felt […]

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Ducati’s “Ride a Song” Contest

Jul 19, 2015 View Comments

The Perfect Ride + The Perfect Tunes – Do you have an idea for what you would consider the ideal motorcycle tour? What music would be the perfect accompaniment? If so Ducati wants to hear it. The famous Italian brand has recently entered into a partnership with the online music streaming service Spotify and they’re […]

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AMA Petition Against E15 Entering Final Stretch

Jul 18, 2015 View Comments

The 10,000 Signature Goal is in Sight – As most motorcyclists are well aware, ethanol is a corn or sugar based fuel additive that is now ubiquitous across the country in the form of E10 (90-percent gasoline, 10-percent ethanol). Ethanol can be harmful to motorcycles and other vehicles due to its adverse affects on the […]

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Tour of the Week: Williamsport, PA Roundtrip

Jul 17, 2015 View Comments

Keystone Caper – Each week RoadRUNNER Magazine is releasing a “Tour of the Week” from our extensive archives. The tour article, along with downloadable maps and GPS files, will be available for free, but only for a week! This week’s Williamsport, PA Roundtrip Tour comes from the Jan/Feb 2008 issue.

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The Great Divide Memory Ride Report

Jul 16, 2015 View Comments

3400 Miles and a Mountain of Memories – It was amazing. A ride along the Great Divide has been a goal of mine for years. The fact that it was a tribute for my father and a fundraiser for Alzheimer’s research made it extremely significant to me personally. You can see the details in my […]

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Touring Tip: When It’s Tool Time On The Road

Jul 15, 2015 View Comments

What Should You Bring? – If you’re like me, you don’t want any type of mechanical problem to deal with during a motorcycle tour. And, of course, the best way to keep that from happening is a heavy dose of preventative medicine before your bike ever leaves the garage. But unforeseen mechanical malfunctions can and […]

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