2016 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

Jun 20, 2016 View Comments

This year’s AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, held at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, OH, boasts a full three-day schedule. Taking place July 8-10, 2016, it’s just weeks away and tickets are still on sale. Vintage Motorcycle Days includes the country’s largest motorcycle swap meet, stars of past and present, demo rides, bike shows, custom builders, raffles, live […]

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The Dads Trip

Jun 19, 2016 View Comments

I don’t spend a lot of time with my dad. When I was a kid my dad was always very busy providing for our family, so spare time was rare. On top of that, our interests have always been very different. He is a classic man who likes to hunt and fish and play basketball […]

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California’s Lane Splitting Bill Gains Ground

Jun 17, 2016 View Comments

This week, the California state senate committee on transportation and housing unanimously approved a revised version of A.B. 51, the state’s lane splitting bill. With an 11-0 vote, A.B. 51 is being sent to the Appropriations Committee. The proposed bill would formally legalize lane splitting—riding between lanes of vehicles driving in the same direction— in California, […]

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The Joys of Camping: Packing Like Quigley

Jun 17, 2016 View Comments

It’s funny how the mind files insignificant bits of information away, sometimes to be retrieved decades later for the strangest reason. I once watched a movie called Quigley Down Under, a Western set in Australia starring Tom Selleck as Matt Quigley. One scene shows Quigley packing for a trip into the Outback by assembling a few […]

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Harley-Davidson to Sell Electric Motorcycles Within Five Years

Jun 16, 2016 View Comments

Harley-Davidson will be selling electric motorcycles within the next five years, according to Sean Cummings, senior vice president of global demand, in a recent interview with the Milwaukee Business Journal.  In 2014, the company released its LiveWire electric motorcycle prototype to the media, making it available for test rides at Harley dealerships around the country—and Canada, Malaysia, and Europe in 2015. Sporting a 74 […]

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2014 EBR 1190SX: The Superfighter

Jun 15, 2016 View Comments

Mention Erik Buell’s name and it’s instant street cred. When 
Harley-Davidson shut down Buell’s line during the financial crisis, 
the entrepreneur found a backer in India’s Hero Motorcycles, and 
Erik Buell Racing (EBR) was born. But after declaring bankruptcy and restructuring, the company, now owned by Liquid Asset Partners, is expected to resume production. Manufactured […]

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MotoMojo: What to Do When a Tire Goes Flat

Jun 14, 2016 View Comments

Eventually, almost every motorcyclist finds themself in that unpleasant situation with a flat tire. Therefore, it’s important to know what to do and what to carry for such an event. As long as you understand that there is some risk involved, you can perform emergency repairs that should get you to a place where permanent […]

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Win a BETA 300 RR Race Edition During KLIM’s Cow Tag Bike Giveaway

Jun 13, 2016 View Comments

There are a variety of ways off-road riders can contribute to the health of the trails they ride and the public lands they traverse. This summer, KLIM is giving riders an incentive to give back with its Cow Tag Bike Giveaway. Anyone who donates a minimum of $10 to the BlueRibbon Coalition will be entered to win […]

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Product Review: Pirelli Night Dragon GT Tire

Jun 11, 2016 View Comments

Cruiser and custom motorcycles need tires too! Pirelli’s new Night Dragon GT line is built for better adhesion, road holding, and appearance than standard tires for these bikes, along with 20 percent higher mileage than the previous Night Dragon. The new compound features a full carbon black formulation, combining different types of thermo-reactive polymers. Overall […]

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What’s in Wisconsin?

Jun 10, 2016 View Comments

We recently had a conversation with Greg Smith, managing director of Discover Wisconsin, to figure out what America’s dairyland has to offer motorcyclists. We were intrigued by an episode of their online TV show “Ride Wisconsin,” which you can view below. RR: What are some things that set Wisconsin apart as a motorcycling destination? Greg: The […]

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Touratech Rally EAST 2016

Jun 09, 2016 View Comments

Last year, Touratech hosted its first annual East Coast Adventure Rally: four days of camping and riding in beautiful Pennsylvania. The company’s rally in Plain, WA, has become the West Coast’s largest gathering of adventure riders and enthusiasts, and it plans to continue spreading the love east. Touratech is building on its 2015 Rally EAST, […]

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The Joys of Camping: Picking a Site, Sight Unseen

Jun 08, 2016 View Comments

Lyrics of Foreigner’s “Feels Like the First Time” were bouncing around in my head, compliments of my cerebral sound system, as I rode south toward the Ohio/West Virginia border one evening in August, 1983. A fitting occasion for the song, I thought, as this was my first out-of-state motorcycle camping trip. My Friday evening ride […]

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2016 New England Ride for Kids

Jun 07, 2016 View Comments

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s grassroots fundraising event, Ride for Kids, is coming to Framingham, MA, August 28, 2016. The 2016 New England Ride for Kids will feature fun, food, and entertainment, all for a great cause. Registration is from 8 to 9:30 a.m. and kickstands go up at 10 a.m., rain or shine. Any street-legal […]

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Product Review: On-Road/Off-Road Continental TKC 70

Jun 06, 2016 View Comments

Sales of adventure motorcycles continue to climb. Once such a large displacement machine complements your own stable and wanderlust sets in, it’s often a stark realization that the new bike doesn’t have the proper tires for what you want to do (or think you want to do). Continental thought the same, and as an alternative […]

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RoadRUNNER’s Bucket List Roads: California Highway 49

Jun 04, 2016 View Comments

What is It? California State Route 49 was first established during the famed 1849 California Gold Rush, connecting gold mining towns located in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Today, the paved route traverses this former gold mining country and the splendidly preserved towns and artifacts from this iconic time in American history. Points of Interest: Frenchman […]

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