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Wicked Quick

Sep 26, 2012 View Comments by

I enjoy a good handful of horsepower as much as the next guy, and don’t see any great harm in partaking of it occasionally, so long as it’s done in a responsible manner. My list of “quick ones” is fairly short, but it includes some heavy hitters: a 1981 Honda CB900F Super Sport, a 1986 […]

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The Best of Both

Sep 11, 2012 View Comments by

Have you ever had one of those “perfect” days on a bike…one that you’ll remember for years? My wife Sharon and I had one last weekend when we joined some friends, John and Martha, for a mix of possibly the best dirt and paved roads that Ohio has to offer. We started things off by […]

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Rainmaker For Hire

Jul 24, 2012 View Comments by

For openers, I’m truly sorry to have dampened (pardon the pun) the festivities at our recent Touring Weekend in Maggie Valley. I take full responsibility for the rain that persisted for most of the event. And what, you ask, did I do to trigger some of the worst consecutive days of summer weather that the […]

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Another Reason

Jul 09, 2012 View Comments by

After forty years of riding (if you count my early dirt bikes), I figured out yet another reason to swing a leg over the seat. Bird watching. Yes, you read it right…. bird watching. And no, we don’t ride around with binoculars dangling around our necks and bird identification guides stuffed in the tankbags, although […]

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Jun 21, 2012 View Comments by

As I wheeled the weekly trash down the drive for tomorrow morning’s pickup, there was an unusually dear part of me in one of the bags.  Earlier in the evening I’d made the painful decision to throw away my worn out riding boots, and it seemed that they somehow deserved a more dignified fate than […]

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What If

Jun 06, 2012 View Comments by

I saw in the April ’12 issue of RoadRUNNER that Illinois passed a law enabling motorcyclists to legally run red lights if the sensor doesn’t detect their bike in a reasonable amount of time. Whew! My worst nightmare won’t come true, at least in Illinois now. I regularly wake up in a cold sweat from […]

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First Road Enduro

May 31, 2012 View Comments by

Always up for something different, I just completed my first road enduro recently. Road enduros involve navigating a mix of paved and secondary roads from a charted route, the goal being to maintain a certain average speed the entire route. All navigation must be from the chart, with no GPS units allowed. Various checkpoints, where […]

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Deliverance II

Apr 23, 2012 View Comments by

I’m assuming that most of you remember the movie “Deliverance”. You know, the one starring Burt Reynolds on a wild river run through the Georgia Mountains with three of his friends. My wife Sharon and myself had our own “Deliverance II” experience here in southern Ohio a couple of years ago, although it was thankfully […]

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Riding Dirty

Mar 22, 2012 View Comments by

This blog series is devoted to those interested in looking at the sport of motorcycling from a different perspective. I’ve been riding now for well over three decades, and I’ve always been attracted to bikes and roads somewhat outside of mainstream appeal.  If the crowd is running one way, I head the other to see […]

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