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Triumph Motorcycles launches the ATLAK Tour (Atlanta to Alaska)

Apr 05, 2018 View Comments by

Triumph Motorcycles is ready to kick off the 2018 Adventure riding season by hosting a series of outdoor Adventure themed events and everyone is invited! The ATLAK Tour is a continental road trip highlighting Triumph’s dynamic new ADV bikes – the class-leading Tiger 800 and technically superior Tiger 1200 – while celebrating the Adventure lifestyle […]

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KTM My Ride App – Motorcycle Connectivity and Navigation

Mar 12, 2018 View Comments by

KTM’s smartphone connectivity platform, KTM MY RIDE, available on a large number of its Street range increases in functionality for 2018, with the Phone and Music functions bolstered with turn-by-turn navigation and route planning, powered by a dedicated app. Living in a connected world, KTM began introducing the possibility for users to connect their smartphones with […]

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SHOEI Neotec II and Sena SRL Communication System

Mar 07, 2018 View Comments by

SHOEI announced the Spring ’18 arrival of the all-new NEOTEC II to the North American marketplace, as well as the specially developed, SENA-exclusive SRL Bluetooth Communication System designed for seamless integration with the NEOTEC II.  An every-occasion helmet with the adaptability to excel no matter where your next journey takes you, the NEOTEC II does it all with […]

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Chasing Cumberland Curves Teaser

Dec 07, 2017 View Comments by

“Cam, do you want to do a tour with me in September?” I ask. “Totally, I would love to.” “What’s the current state of your 1976 Honda CB400F?” “It’s currently in my living room with the carburetors on the kitchen counter,” he says. “Will it run by September?” “I think I can get it running […]

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The Azores: Little Adventure

Nov 27, 2017 View Comments by

Selecting a location roughly 75-percent smaller than Rhode Island to test a prototype adventure motorcycle would seem to be a less-than-ideal decision. However, just as one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, never underestimate the level of excitement that can be found in a small space.

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Shamrock Tour® – Bryson City, North Carolina

Oct 17, 2017 View Comments by

Remember recess? It was every kid’s refuge from the old three Rs. Fresh air and freedom reigned and rules were the exception. Unwinding was your sole responsibility and frolicsome fun ensued for no apparent reason. Most motorcyclists know how to get that feeling back and many of them head for the Western North Carolina Mountains […]

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Christmas and My Harley-Davidson

Dec 23, 2016 View Comments by

It was close to the Christmas of 1947. I was helping to support the family, a mom and dad who didn’t work, and two sisters who did. I was working part-time for my brother-in-law in his body shop in Ohio City and commuted back and forth from Ft. Wayne by bus on the cold days. The distance […]

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Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Tour Article

Sep 13, 2016 View Comments by

In my experience, most memorable adventures start with either a bang on the head, a tap on the shoulder, or an unplanned detour during an otherwise well-planned ride. I have already banged my head yesterday night on the cover of my trailer. Now comes a tap on my shoulder, and this is Christa Neuhauser herself. […]

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RoadRUNNER’s Bucket List Roads: U.S. 276, A Hidden Southern Gem

Sep 10, 2016 View Comments by

What is It? As many East Coast riders know, Western North Carolina has some of the best motorcycling roads in America. U.S. 276, however, is one of the less-celebrated routes in the area. It doesn’t have an evocative name, like The Rattler, Tail of the Dragon, Hellbender 28, The Copperhead Loop, or Devil’s Whip. But […]

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RoadRUNNER’s Bucket List Roads: The Great River Road

Aug 06, 2016 View Comments by

This National Scenic Byway traces the mighty Mississippi River from Minnesota to Louisiana, passing by Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, and Wisconsin along the way. America’s longest river slices through the country’s heartland, meandering past charming river towns and major cities. In Minnesota the journey begins near the Mississippi’s headwaters at Lake Itasca […]

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RoadRUNNER’s Bucket List Roads: New Mexico State Route 4

Jul 09, 2016 View Comments by

What is It? New Mexico State Route 4 is part of the Jemez Mountain Trail National Scenic Byway. Beginning in San Ysidro, Route 4 follows the Jemez River through a deep canyon for much of its length. Nearing Bandelier National Monument, riders ascend up and over the southern side of the steep gorge, until finally […]

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RoadRUNNER’s Bucket List Roads: California Highway 49

Jun 04, 2016 View Comments by

What is It? California State Route 49 was first established during the famed 1849 California Gold Rush, connecting gold mining towns located in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Today, the paved route traverses this former gold mining country and the splendidly preserved towns and artifacts from this iconic time in American history. Points of Interest: Frenchman […]

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Electric Powered Odyssey: From the United States to South America

May 31, 2016 View Comments by

Set against a backdrop of swaying Carolina pines, the motorcycle’s shiny red paint sticks out like a hitchhiker’s sore thumb. Brightly painted bikes like this one might be a common sight on paved urban avenues, but here on a dusty driveway in rural North Carolina, the appearance of a street bike is not an everyday […]

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RoadRUNNER’s Bucket List Roads: Harpers Ferry Road

May 14, 2016 View Comments by

What Is It? The nation’s path to the American Civil War was accelerated when abolitionist John Brown led his famous raid on the federal arsenal and armory at Harpers Ferry, VA (West Virginia today) in October 1859. Some 20 miles north of Harpers Ferry, and almost three years later, the single bloodiest day of the […]

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Lost Camera? How to Get Your Photos Back

Apr 28, 2016 View Comments by

With summer approaching and many motorcycle tours on the calendar, what should you do if you lose your camera on the road? What happens to the pictures and videos stored on the device? All of those precious moments captured and memories stored in a snapshot, lost to the world. With two billion smartphones world wide, […]

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