Uwe Krauss


I grew up in East Germany, where almost every boy in our small town got his bike license at the age of 15. Cars really weren’t an option, as they literally took years to arrive after ordering. Bikes, though, were affordable and easy to come by. Not only did they get you where you wanted to go, but they also went a long way toward impressing  the girls. So when I turned 15, I got my first motorcycle: a 150 ccm MZ two-stroke dual sport, 13 hp. Very simple and easy to fix. And I still own it.

In school I studied civil engineering, which led me to a job where I worked for three years. When the Berlin Wall came down, I was 19 years old—just the right time to enjoy the country’s newly gained freedom.  For quite a while, I had felt like excitement was missing in my life. When I reflected on my interests, I found that geography was always what interested me most. That and riding on two wheels.  So at 19, I left my job to ride a motorcycle around the world. I didn’t expect my journey to take six years. Neither did I anticipate that my life afterwards would be irrevocably changed.

While traveling, I needed a way to finance my endeavor, so I refined my skills in photography and began writing about the exciting places I had been and I was going. I began selling my stories and photos  to various magazines in Germany.  Since then, I’ve continued my work as a freelance journalist for motorcycle and outdoor magazines, including RoadRUNNER. Additionally, I published a coffee-table book about my six-year journey (so far, in German only).

Having ridden a motorcycle world-wide, it’s hard to narrow down my favorite places. But some of my most amazing trips occurred in The Andes in South America, in Southern Utah, and in The Dolomites. But if you were to ask me that question again next year, who knows where else will make it on my list.