Steve Mauk


I’ve been hooked on two wheels and a motor since I first threw a leg over a minibike sometime around 1970. Since then, I’ve owned around thirty bikes, ranging from a 100cc dirt bike to a 1200cc V-Max. Although I enjoy a wide range of motorcycles, I favor bikes that offer all-surface road capability, all-day comfort, and the ability to devour twisties like a kid mowing through a box of Cracker Jacks.

My favorite bike to date is undoubtedly my 2005 Suzuki V-Strom 650. Grinding the Strom’s pegs on Route 421 between Bristol, VA, and Boone, NC, is simply as good as it gets for me. Exploring Ohio’s Amish country backroads with my wife, Sharon, is a close second.

RoadRUNNER offers the unique opportunity to blend my love of motorcycling with the creativity of writing, and I find the mix infinitely satisfying. My goals for the future? To tour the U.S. as extensively as possible and perhaps take a few international tours, starting with the RoadRUNNER Five-Country European Tour. And hopefully, I’ll be able to share many of those rides with you in the upcoming issues of RoadRUNNER.