Simon and Lisa Thomas


In May 2003, Lisa and I left our jobs, sold everything and on two BMW motorcycles set off to see the world. The plan seemed simple enough – ride, eat, sleep and repeat until we had our fill of the 122 countries and 7 continents the planet has on offer. The decision to depart on our journey six years ago was not a simple one. A number of tough circumstances forced us to re-evaluate our lives. After a serious motorcycling accident, I came close to losing my right foot and spent the next two years undergoing five major surgeries and learning to walk again; and within the same year, Lisa’s father underwent major heart surgery and my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Life was sending us a major wakeup call. Change needed to happen. If not now, when? We needed to address our perspective on life: who we are and what we want to be. We’re lucky enough to be able to do it together.

Since leaving the relative safety of a well-planned life, we’ve lived more in the last six years than we ever imagined we’d live in a lifetime. Recently, a friend asked, “So, how old are you?” Our reply, “Old enough to know how lucky we are, and young enough to be looking forward to the next adventure.”

We’ve traveled from the northernmost tip of Norway, across the Sahara and down to the most southerly point of Africa (twice!). From Ushuaia, Argentina to Deadhorse, Alaska. We’ve spent a lot of time living outside the normal parameters that people place on their lives. We have enjoyed meeting and making friends with a wide variety of people and having our horizons broadened as we redefine for them what a “normal, happy marriage” can be. And we’re only halfway through.