Leann Harris

Copy Editor

Leann-new pic-for websiteI have a love for all things warm, wild, and with a beat. By warm, I mean cozy like a hand-knitted scarf and sweater to wrap myself up in (layers could be my middle name). I also enjoy baking—whipping up something warm and yummy—my favorite is pumpkin bread. My wild side comes out by keeping up with my 7-year-old daughter who loves to sing and dance as well as my Golden Retriever who walks me twice a day and who has a love-hate relationship with squirrels and cars. If I’m not tapping away on the keys of my PC, you can find me sweating it out at the gym to something loud.

My passion for creative writing was alive and well at the age of six. I would beg my first grade teacher for more paper (yeah, the kind with the extra-large spaces and dotted lines) to finish telling my story. Mrs. Tidwell quickly grew tired of passing out paper and agreed for me to write between those lines—that’s all I needed—permission to unleash my words!

I’ve spent almost 15 years bringing words to life in the corporate world. Now, I have the opportunity to breathe life into other amazing writers’ work at RoadRUNNER. I look forward to reading about their adventures on two wheels to places I’ve never been. Who knows … maybe it will channel a different kind of “rider” in me that I never knew existed.