Joseph Trey


Joseph Trey

I am an introvert often masquerading as an extrovert, hence my moniker Adventure Hermit.

Upon graduating from UCONN with a degree in music and composition I used my natural inclination towards technology to secure marketing positions throughout southern Connecticut and New York City.

I have been fortunate enough to play and record music all over the world; traveling as a musician and a stage manager. For the past 17 years I have run a training and technology solutions company as COO/CIO/CTO, often at the same time as my travels both on two wheels and across the skies.

My passion for motorcycles started at an early age when I used to watch my uncle race three wheelers for Honda. I was hooked immediately. After surviving a near fatal accident at the age of 12, I gave it all up until I moved to Colorado in 1996. It was here that I began street riding again, quickly moving from a 600 Shadow, to an 1100 Aero, to a Valkyrie before falling in love with the 1800 VTX.

It was a love affair that would last until I got tired of trailering dirt bikes and ATVs around. I then turned to a Kawasaki KLR, a Triumph Scrambler, a R 1200 GS ADV, and an F 650 Dakar. Turning my back on being a Red Rider was tough, but it was necessary for the type of riding I had fallen in love with.

Now I spend my time reading maps like books and looking for the longest path between stops. I figure, why get somewhere in an hour if you can do it in the three! My daughter, who was six at the time, once said to me, “Daddy I do not want to go anywhere . . . I want to go somewhere.” That phrase changed my life and yes; I did steal it as the tagline for!