James T. Parks

Public Relations & Photojournalist

The three great passions in my life, besides my wonderful family, are motorcycle touring, writing, and photography. Riding a used 1963 Honda Dream at age 17, I never dreamed that many years hence, all three passions would coalesce into an actual job. But in-between, life’s path sent me to college, service in the Army, graduate school and a 30-year career in accounting and finance.

Motorcycling was put on hold for most of my corporate career, until that irrepressible urge to “head out on the highway, lookin’ for adventure” resurfaced in the late 1980s. With me astride a cruiser-style motorcycle, my wife and daughters thought their dear old dad had really gone off the deep-end this time. Curvy roads in the mountains and across rolling farmland were (and still are) my favorite routes to ride. Over the years, cruising gave way to sport-touring and then dual-sporting grabbed my attention. For many of these years, though, I maintained a dual identity: conservative executive in pinstripes during the week and wanderlust biker in leather on the weekends.

In addition to my three great passions, I also have an abiding interest in history and geology. Using all of my passions and interests, I hoped to write motorcycle travelogues that would immerse readers in vivid multi-dimensional motorcycle travel experiences. But where could I find a publication that would allow, and even encourage, such latitude in creative content?

While waiting for a train’s departure one evening in Florida, I sauntered into a bookstore and began browsing the magazine rack. It was then and there that I first laid eyes on RoadRUNNER magazine; I was immediately captivated by its stunning photography and evocative tours. Upon returning home, I dashed off a letter to the editor and enclosed a copy of an article I’d recently published in another motorcycle magazine.

Several months passed with no response from RoadRUNNER—I’d almost given up hope of hearing from them. But then one winter’s eve in 2003, I answered the phone to a caller with a heavy accent. “Hello,” he said, “my name is Christian Neuhauser.” And thus began the synergy of my three passions.